Zhangfei Temple

Zhangfei Temple (Yangtze River)Zhangfei Temple was originally built at the end of Three Kingdom Period, in commemoration of the famous general zhangfei. It has a history of over 1700 years and has been rebuilt and expended many times by succeeding dynasties, up to the present scale. It covers an area of 6,600 sq.m and a construction area of 2,400 Sq.m. The legend has that the brave, straight forwarded and up righted General Zhang fei died for being trapped and assassinated by evil-minded enemies in process of revenging for his brother Guanyu, and his head was chopped and thrower into the Yangtze River. A fisherman one day had a dream in which Zhangfei told him to dive his head out of the river. Instead of his head, the fisherman actually got a pot of gold from the river and by making use of the gold, he had the Zhangfei Temple built.

On the stone screen in the front of the temple, is inscribed with four Chinese characters meaning "Clear wind above Yangtze River" in an elegant shape. The sculpture of Zhangfei is shrine inside the hall, and beside, more than hundred of calligraphy and painting works, stone tablets with inscriptions and other culture relics are housed, which are mostly rear treasures. It's highly respected with ?hree Unique?Article unparallel, calligraphy unparallel and inscription unparallel. What's a pity is that, after the water filled for the three gorges project, the original Zhangfei temple would be totally submerged by water, but another imitating temple would be set up beside.

The construction of Zhangfei Temple made fully use of the natural terrain and topography of the mountain here, and combined the building styles of both garden and temple, thus owns a high value in architecture art. Out of the temple, stone staircases, bridges and water streams, green plants with flying falls, pavilions beside the streams, and antique trees leaning against cliffs are catching eyes; and in the temple, friendship making tower, painting and calligraphy corridor, main hall, assisting wind pavilion, viewing-cloud room, azalea pavilion, listening to the wave pavilion are more impressive. Everything is in neat symmetrical pattern and outstanding design, which reflects the wisdom and laboring quality of the ancient people. No wonder it gained a beautiful name as "Scared place of Bashu(Abbreviation of Sichuan province area)".

The temple enjoys a high reputation around this area, as general zhangfei is famous for his uprightness, honesty and courage, but also has the weak point of being too straightforwarded.Aug.28th in Chinese lunar calendar every year, there's a big scale of commemorating activity held in this temple, expressing people's respect and worship to this historical hero tic figure.