Wu Gorge

Wu Gorge is named after its mountain Wu, and is famous for its beautiful scene. It is flanked with towering peals and steep cliff. Downstream you have to go through countless twist and turns. The river now seems to be blocked by the huge mountains, now breaks through and changes its direction. It extends from the mouth of Daning River in Wushan County of Chongqing City in the west, and ends at Guandulou (official ferry) in Badong county of Hubei Province in the east, with a length of 50 km. The Twelve Peaks of Mt. Wu is towering and graceful and shrouded with varied and fantastic shaped clouds formed by mist. It is really a poetic picture.

The most famous Goddess Peak is 922 meters higher than the sea level, after impounding there are 747 meters above the water. The small Three Gorges consists of Dicui Gorge, Bawu Gorge and Longmen Gorge, with the length of 50 km. The waterway is narrow; it has riptide and adlittoral water. Tourists think that the small three gorges are different from the Three Gorges and better. From 1980s, the small three gorges are more attractive the Three Gorges. As the peaks are not so high like the Three Gorges, when boats are sailing on the Daning River, you will feel sailing in the valley. After rising of the water level, the scene of Madu River, the branch of Daning River, Become more loneness. A mini three gorges are brought to the front of tourists. Shennong Brook, facing to Badong County, is brook has many shoals and reefs. It is difficult to go further into the valley. Now tourist can drift on the brook and go straight to Shennong Jia by boat, to discover desolation of virgin forest. Shennong Brook is opposite to Goddess Peak. It has beautiful scene with many beautiful stories. Three Peaks of Twelve Peaks of Mt. Wu are in this Valley. They are Qiyuan Peak (the Rising Cloud Peak), Shangsheng Peak (the Ascent Peak)., and Jingtan Peak (the Pruity Temple Peak). After impounding, tourist can go into the brook directly by boat.