Three Gorges Dam

Yangtze Three Gorges Dam
The world famous Three Gorge Dam is built on the Yangtze River, as the biggest project in the world. With an overall length of more than 6,300 kilometers, the Yangtze River, next only to the Amazon and the Nile, is the third biggest river in the world and is a cradle that breeds the ancient civilization of the Chinese nation.

Three Gorges Dam is located in the area of Sandouping Town, Yichang city, Hubei Province; it is the largest water conservancy project in China, and also in the world, mainly comprising three parts: dam, hydropower station and navigation buildings. After the implementation of the Three Gorges Dam, the normal pool level of the reservoir is at 175m, and the total storage capacity is 39.3 billion cubic meters; the total acreage of the reservoir is 1084 This spans over 600 km, and whose average width is 1.1km. The dam is 181 meters in height. Its construction investment comes up to 203.9 billion RMB, equals to 24.65 billion U.S. dollars. The installed power generation capacity is expected to be 18.2 million kilo watts.

The whole project will take 17 years to finish, divided into 3 stages. because of the future water rise, people living along the Yangtze River in Chongqing area and Hubei area, as many as 1.13 million, are supposed to be moved to other unaffected places, leaving their hometowns where they’ve been living for generations; the money used in the project mainly comes from three ways: the Three Gorge project special fund, Gezhouba Hydropower Station benefit and the Three Gorges hydropower station benefit. It’s expecting its completion in 2009.

How many benefits of the TGP will bring to the people? It’s a very popular topic nowadays. According to the China’s network, we can get the information that there will be mainly 4 advantages:

Flood control:
After the implementation of the TGP, its normal pool level can provide the flood control capacity of 22.15 billion cubic meters, which can control the biggest flood in 100 years; with the help of the flood diversion structure, it can protect the both banks of the Yangtze River from suffering the destructive disaster in 1000 years.

Power Generation:
With the dam built on the three gorges, the river water will generate electricity for the water and electricity station of the three Gorges, the profits are very considerable. Designed annual generate electricity is 84.6 billion kw.h. It’s number one in the world. it plays an important role in the development of the economy and reduction of the environmental pollution.

The 600km long water way from Yichang to Chongqing will obviously be improved, making it impossible for 10,000 tons of fleet to sail directly upstream to Chongqing. The river boating is improved from 10 million to 50 million tons per year; the transportation cost decreases 35-37 percent. After the adjustment to the reservoir, navigation conditions upstream and downstream the Yangtze River has been greatly improved in low water seasons.

The TGP changes quickly with each passing day. In order to develop the tourism, ChinaThree Gorges Project Corporation built the Tanzi Ling (Jar-hill) for the visitors to see the panorama of the gorges at the highest point of the building site. In the area of the dam, a environmental garden was built. Including the natural scenic spot and the old architecture Yellow Ox Temple, all of these shows that three gorges has the beauty of science and culture, also making TGP highlight in China’s water Conservancy.

Tips of Visiting Three Gorges Dam:
the essence route of visiting is: the dam site, a garden like place now where you might have a close look to the dam itself and enjoy moisture and beautiful scenery, sometimes if encountering water discharging, a magnificent view with large amount of discharged water out of the dam spill gates; the dam museum, where you might be provided with more detailed and background information about the dam; Jar-hill, the highest point of the whole dam area, by standing on top you might have a bird’s eye view of the project.

Books of the project are very informative thus highly recommended. They’re in fixed prices and issued by the dam organization, so quality guaranteed. 

The Dam site and the jar-hill are usually very hot, though moisture helps to cool down a little. Wearing hat and anti-sun lotion are suggested when visiting the site and hill in summer;
AS the biggest and most important national project in China, it owns key significance both in military and politics. So the buses should go through strict checking points when visiting the Three Gorge Dam area, and get specially issued permission paper before visiting.

Wheelchairs are accessible in the whole area. Restroom facilities are available at every site.