Visiting Shaibaozhai

In between every two stories, there're dozens of wood steps to do. They're narrow and sheer, thus sometimes one has to use all fours to climb, which is tiring. But as there's always a flat platform to stand on and something interesting to see, so it would not be too exhausting. The breaks in between are really helpful to make the whole journey up.

As the passages are small and narrow, so never run or push in case of any dangers probably happen.

It's allowed to take photos in the pagoda, even in the temple on the top.

Wheelchairs and handicapped people are not suggested to go. Usually from the pier to the foot of the pagoda, it takes 15-20 minutes to do dozens of steps. While on both sides, hello market with flexible, even poor qualities sold by local people is always busy, as some visitors enjoy bargaining and getting souvenir for friend and family.

The way down from the back side of the pagoda is paved with fine flat and wide steps. It's much easier to make the way down with the new facilities.
Bringing some water with you is highly suggested.