Shennong Stream, also named as "Yandu river", with a length of 60km, originated from the main peak of Shennongjia, flows through Badong County in Hubei Province, in the mountains from north to south. It ends at Wu Gorge mouth and continued to flow into the Yangtze River. Shennong Stream is a typical valley stream with sheer cliffs and mountain peaks flanked on both sides, stream water collides with the knife-sharpened valley cliffs, and the waterway twists and turns.

Shennong Stream flows through three canyons with different sceneries ?ianzhu canyon, parrots canyon, Longchang canyon. Scenery on both sides is strangely beautiful. It's really seen wide passages in the valley. The narrowest section is only   seven meters. As the boats sailing through on quick turbulence, it's hard to feel the waterway but the mountain cliffs coming in front.

Mianzhu Canyon is famous for its "dangerous". Sheer cliffs are scattered with numerous mountain caves, with huge stalactites hanging upside-down. The riverbed is narrow and the drop height is big. Dangerous shoals are everywhere. It's really a breath-taking experience if drift along the stream in the canyon.

Parrots canyon owns the most beautiful scenery among the three. The green vegetation widely covers the mountain on both sides and flowing water falls make pleasant sound...there's a section of canyon flourished with color flowers all year round, thus the name "year-long flower shoal"; besides, another interesting section with several spring flows out of the spring mouths is named as "three-color spring" as for its different color presented for its different water transparency.

The last "longchang canyon" is featured with the narrow passage all the way, in which winding stream runs as long as over 5000m in fast speed. The cliff hanging coffins and ancient plank walkways are seen in this canyon.

Shennong stream is also famous for its transparency of the clear water. Except for the "three-color spring", it's scarcely seen the muddy water flows along the whole stream, which is a magic.  Color cobble stones pave the river bottom all the way, like flower brocade; the water strikes with the rocks and stones and produced snow and fog-like mist; wherever the stream becomes quiet and slow, it forms a peaceful lake on which sailing boats might float; water in the shallow shoals is even lower than people's knees, when the boat sails, it all depends on pulling that the boat can move on, with the sound of friction between the bottoms of boat and the river.

Before the three gorges project filled water in the stream, it's widely seen the Tujia style pea-shaped wooden sailing boats pulled by boat trackers along the river banks, while the travelers sitting in and enjoying the traditional dance of Tujia nationality; after the water filled, the visitors have to change to a bigger environment-friendly boat, which was unable to go through before, to sail the stream and visit the canyons.

The Shennong stream is the origination place of the Ba people who lived thousands of years ago with unique costumes and traditions; Tujia people living in this area are said to be the decedents of the Ba people, and the widely seen hanging coffins and plank walkways are the remains of the Ba as well. It can be called the cradle of Ba culture which played an important role in the development of this Yangtze River area civilization for thousands of years.
Shen Nong stream, because of its original, simple, clean natural environment, beautiful natural scenery, cultural landscape charming, and rich folk customs, is also known as the "Emerald Waterway" of the three gorges of the Yangtze River.