China Regal Cruises

The only ALL 5-Star western managed Yangtze River cruise company. CRC was the first Yangtze cruise company to gain the coveted 5-Star designation from the Chinese National Tourism Bureau -- and remains the ONLY western managed cruise company to have the 5-Star designation for all ships in its fleet. What this means for you is the highest standard of comfort, cuisine, entertainment, service, and security.

Fact Sheet:
Ship Name    Star- Rating   Enter Service   Length(ft)    Beam(ft)    Passenger Capacity      Sailing
Princess Elaine      5     1993     424      52      268     Sailing
Princess Jeannie      5     1993     424     52      268     Sailing
Princess Sheena     5      1993     424      52      268     Sailing

Cabins :
124. Each ship has 114 double staterooms and 10 single staterooms. The cabins have a private bath with shower. There are also 10 deluxe suites with a bedroom and a separate lounge, a kitchen area with refrigerator and minibar, and a bathroom with tub, shower and bidet. All cabins are outside, have a panoramic window, refrigerator, TV, radio, air-conditioning and heating. Cabins are supplied with Chinese slippers, robes and hot tea.

Cruise Itineraries:

 Upstream: (Wuhan-chongqing)

Day 1 19:00 Depart
Programs: Welcome Briefing
Entertainment: Movie/Dancing

Day 2 Sail all day
Programs: River Briefing/ Tai Chi exercise/ Cultural Programs
Entertainment: Movie/Crew Show/Dancing

Day 3 07:30 Navigate Gezhou Dam Ship Lock
09:00 Enter Xiling Gorges
11:00-14:00 Visit Three Gorges Dam Site
14:30-17:30 Navigate Three Gorges Ship Lock
Programs: Sightseeing Narrations/Cultural Programs/Tai Chi
Entertainment: Movie/Dancing

Day 4 08:00-12:00 Shore excursion for Shennong Stream
12:30 Enter Wu Gorges
16:00 Enter Qutang Gorges
Programs: Sightseeing Narrations//Tai Chi, etc
Entertainment: Movie/Dancing

Day 5 08:30-11:30 Wanxian City tour
(Museum, relocation village and market)
Programs: Cultural Programs/Tai Chi, etc
Entertainment: Movie/Dancing

D6 10:00 Arriving at Chongqing port, disembark

Downstream: (Chongqing-Wuhan)

Pre-boarding available
Day 1 08:00 Depart Chongqing
14:00-17:00 Visit Fengdu Ghost City or Relocation Village
Programs: Welcome / River Briefings / Tai Chi, etc./ Cultural Programs
Entertainment: Movie / Crew Show. Dancing, etc.

Day 2 06:30 Enter Qutang Gorges
08:00 Enter Wu Gorges
10:00-13:30 Shore excursion for Shennong Stream Drifting
16:00 Enter Xiling Gorges
17:00-20:00 Navigate Three Gorges Ship lock
20:30 Anchor overnight at Sandou Ping
Programs: Briefing on Yangtze Dams / Sightseeing Narration
Entertainment: Movie / Dancing

Day 3 08:00-10:30 Visit Three Gorges Dam Site
12:00 Navigate Gezhou Dam Ship lock
Programs: Cultural Programs/ Taichi,  ect ./Sightseeing Narration
Entertainment: Movie/Crew Show/Dancing

Day 4 12:00 Arriving at Wuhan Gate Pier, disembark