Qutang Gorge

Qutang Gorge is famous for Its Magnificent scene, It is described that the peak connects with the heaven and boat sails in the earth ditch. This gorge is the shortest one of the three gorges, but it is the most magnificent one. It extends eastwards from Baidicheng Town, to Daxi Town, with length of 8 km. The major peaks of Kuimen are facing each other on both sides, and the river was fanked by steep cliffs and towering peaks, with 100 meters in width. When the runoff is above 50,000 stere per. Sec. it has amazing powers to run through the Kuimen gorges. Before the operating the project, when passengers go through it by bout, they felt very horrible. Ater impounding, the water level will rise 40 meters, the gorges are still magnificent, but eh flow becomes slow and calm. The Ancient Plank Roads, the Phoenix – Drinking Spring, and Monk Hung Upside down on the south Bank will be submerged.

On the south bank, there is the whitewashed Wall. From Song Dynasty onwards, it was covered with a large amount of engraved inscriptions, which is more than hundreds of meters wide and then meters high. The carved words Kunmen and Qutang strike the eyes most. And one of the most treasured inscriptions is Ode the resurgence of the Song. It is 4 meters High and 7 meters wide, contains 980 words the in Chinese calligraphy. The cliff is so high that we have to look up at the words. This makes us admire technology and courage of craftsmen in ancient times to gngrave words on the cliff. General Fenyuxiang's poem "go out of the Kunmen and drive the invaders out" is on the cliff. When tourists see these words, every one has feeling to protect our hometown.

The methods have been planned to protect these engraved inscriptions. All of the inscriptions are made rubbings, and copy them on the cliff with altitude of 210 meters, 700 meters on the down stream of the old site. Some rare inscriptions are incised, and preserved in the three Gorges Museum in Chongqing. Some are moved to the new site, some are protected on the old site.

Baidicheng Town is one of the famous historical sites in the Three Gorges at the entrance of Qutang Gorge. The most of it scenes are located on the top of the hill with altitude of 230 meters. After impounding, it will become islet in the center of the river.