Lesser Three Gorges

Lesser Three Gorges
The Lesser Three Gorges in Wushan refers to the three separate valleys of the Daning River, namely "Dragon-Gate Gorge", "Misty Gorge" and "Emerald Gorge". These three gorges, with an area of 160 hectares of forest, lie on the lower reaches of Daning, extending from the entrance of the Dragon-Gate Gorge in the south to Tujiaba in the north for 50km.Here sheer cliff and steep mountains rise on either side, creating one of natural fine arts gallery as natural scenic wonders unfold on both banks of the river. Its "Subtle Mountains, clear waters, pretty rocks, dangerous rapids, sharp turns, fantastic caves, and stalactites in various shapes" characterize the natural landscape in the Lesser Three Gorges. Monkeys, goats, mandarin ducks, water birds and fish can be seen in this area. In addition to the continuous natural scenery there are a number of historical places of interest along the way, such as the hanging coffins, boat coffins, remains of ancient plank walkway. The area has been made one of the key nature reserves in China and is becoming known as a tourist attraction continuing to offer its charms along the golden Yangtze Gorges Travel Line.

The Dragon-Gate gorge is 3km long with dangerous turbulent and water rocks blocking ways. Legend has that: it's the water way of the dragon to go through river and into the sea, thus the name; Besides, the ancient plank walkway remain is also here, presenting people nowadays with a sight of ancient people walking through the gorge, and the essence of wisdom of the laboring ancestors. It's described as" Not the Kuimen gate, but more dangerous than the Kuimen Gate(One famous for its dangerous turbulent and geographical location)",because of its spectacular and dangerous view on both sides, being flanked by sheer mountain cliffs and the narrow sky line formed in between the tops of the side mountains.

The Misty Gorge runs about 10 km .It's known for its stalactites in various shapes, and the sculpture-like mountain shapes and sceneries. The most mysterious hanging coffins firstly appear in this gorge, which are inlaid in the side mountain cliffs in a walkway-like chiseled channel. It remains a mystery that how were the coffins placed in the mountain cliff of that height by the Ba people living in this area thousands of years ago, without any modern facilities. The experts have various sayings, such as the river level was originally that high so the Ba people sailed the boats to put the coffins in after the channels were chiseled; the other goes like: the Ba people hung the rope from top of the mountain and slide down to place the coffins in?ven nowadays, they haven't draw an conclusion, without strong and convincing evidence showing support.

The Emerald Gorge is the most beautiful and longest one among the three, with a length of 20 km. The stalactites with water dropping and the whole area are fully covered with green plants. This is why the name came from. Wild monkeys, goats, mandarin ducks and other water birds are widely seen in this gorge because of its landscape and attractive environment. it's described as the most poetic gorge, with no doubts.

All these features made the lesser three gorges more attractive to visitors, and gradually own a high reputation along the all sights of Yangtze River.

Tips of Visiting Lesser Three Gorges:
1.As the entrance and water way of the lesser three gorges are much narrower than the regular width of main stream of Yangtze, thus the visitors are supposed to change to one smaller excursion boat to go through. Most of the excursion boats have restroom facilities on and both indoor and outdoor space for the visitors to relax and take photos.
2.The water sailing is smooth and quiet, but if disturbed by turbulent, the smaller excursion boats may shaking with the wave of the turbulent. So it's suggested to have some boat-sickness pills with you, in case of the incidence and uncomforting happened on the way.
3.The one-way lesser three gorges trip would take 1.5-2 hours; usually it's supposed to take the same way back.
4.As the hanging coffins and some wild animals are either placed high or actively moving, so the telescope is highly recommended to bring with you. Water and anti-sun lotion are also necessary.
5.As it doesn't need to walk on your own to visit the gorges, so the people with walking problems have no problems to visit here. Everything here would make it worthwhile.