Fengdu Ghost City

Fengdu Ghost City
Located on the north bank of the Yangtze River Fengdu is an ancient city with a long history known also as the Ghost Cityto most Chinese people.

It got its reputation as the Ghost City in the Eastern Han Dynasty (25AD-220AD).Two officials from the imperial court Wang Fangping and Yin Changsheng got bored with the political life in the court and came to Mt.Minshan outside Fengdu to practice Taoist teachings. Both of them later became immortals by carrying out self cultivation. This story widely spread and makes Mt.Minshan famous. When combined together their surnames'Yin and Wang sound very much like King of Hell in Chinese hence the people began to call Fengdu the "Ghost City".

According to the superstitious legend the dead come to Fengdu and the devils go to hell. Since Tang Dynasty forty-eight temples have been built in this place such as the "Hall of Jade Emperor" "palace of hell" "Boundary between the living and the dead" "Ridge of Helplessness" and "balcony of Nostalgia .All of the temples there look quite magnificent while statues are extremely lifelike. The statues are vividly and impressively carved though they're all evils and ghosts with scaring faces and ugly expressions and people are not easily fooled by the spurious beliefs the skillful and amazing craftsmanship of those are indeed overwhelming thus undeniable. Every year there held temple fares attended by crowds of people coming around and some folk parading shows are interesting and boisterous.

Fengdu is a concentrating place of various religions philosophies and cultures like: Confucius Taoism and Buddhism thus it's called the "home of Chinese divine comedy" and "capital of human spirits"; Besides in imitation of the strict jurisdiction system in the secular world a "Hell" was built in Fengdu combining the whole set of functions of arresting custody trial judgment and education which is used for punish the bad people committed crimes when alive. Of course all this is not nor real but plays a big role in reminding and educating people in the real secular world to be honest and upright.

In Fengdu there're two mountains: Pingdu Mountain with an elevation of 287.3 meters and Shuanggui Mountain with a height of 400 meters linked up by a iron-wired hanging bridge-Yin Yang Bridge.

After the completion of Three Gorges Dam part of the Ghost City would be under water and it would be a Ghost Island instead of a city by then.