Durations of Yangtze River Three Gorges Curise

It usually takes three days to go through the Three Gorges if take the downstream cruise starting from Chongqing, the west starting point of Yangtze cruise; In these three days, the cruise ships would also pass several places with relics or interesting things to see along the Yangtze, like the Snowy Jade Cave, the Resettlement village for the people moved away from their original living surroundings because of the Three Gorges Dam project; the Lesser Three Gorges, Three Gorges Dam site etc. Of course, the three gorges namely Qutang gorge, Wu gorge and Xiling gorge?sually the ships provide update and effective information for the next day, in order to get the passengers prepared themselves for the tour or sightseeing coming. If on shore places are supposed to visit, passengers are also changed to a bus or smaller excursion boat arranged for a shore excursion lasting a couple of hours or half day; Weather forecast is also provided everyday, as the weather along the Yangtze is usually flexible and changing always. Passengers are supposed to prepare beforehand.