Customer Review and Feedback 1

Dear Christine,

Photo by Mr. Peter Clackson in Harbin
Thankyou to you and your team for the good service I received. Everything went according to plan. The hotels and meals were all good and my tour guides and drivers were all excellent, especially Olivia in Shanghai.
I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to friends and I hope one day to use your services once more.

Yours faithfully, Peter Clarkson.
Beijing – Harbin – Shanghai – Beijing Tour ______ 09 Jan  to  13 Jan, 2011

Mr. Peter Clarkson from UK

Hi Christine,
How are you? Did you enjoy the New Year celebrations with your family? I am well, I have arrived back in Australia safely no problems . I absolutely enjoyed the tour and wish I could have stayed longer, it was an enjoyable and amazing experience. I think this was one of the best holidays I have been on, Christine. Thank you so much for all of your help during the tour. I will be back to China again. I will definitely tour with your company again guaranteed!!!

Kindest regards,

Victor Debono

Feedback from Victor J Debono tour of China Hong Kong - Chengdu - Xian - Luoyang - Hong Kong ________27-Jan-2011 to 02-Feb-2011

Mr. Victour J Debono in Chengdu Panda

Breed Research Center with Panda

My experience with China Travel R Us was absolutely amazing. From the very first phone call I made to Christine Zhou the tour guide manager to the last call I made leaving China returning to my home country was a pleasure and an enjoyable experience being with this company. Christine worked very diligently to make sure I had the itinerary I wanted and even though there were several changes to the itenary, Christine worked very quickly to ensure I received the new itenary in a very quick time frame. Christine even made some suggestions to help me have a more cost effective holiday. Christine was very helpful and thorough in her work. I highly recommend China Travel R us to anyone planning of visiting China on a tour.
The people that work as tour guides are wonderful. They are very welcoming, caring and friendly people. The tour guides gave me detailed information about the history of the place of interest and did allow me to take the time I wanted to explore the places I visited. I was very comfortable and happy with the drivers as they were very safe and smooth with their driving. The tours guides always made sure I had water to drink which was nice.
The hotels I stayed at throughout the tour were very clean, comfortable and luxurious to stay at. Christine chose hotels for me that was in good locations central to shopping districts, which was convenient for me. Each hotel had its own restaurant which the food was very healthy and tasty, most were of buffet style which gave me a variety of foods to choose from. The buffets included western style dishes as well as Chinese style foods.
I have had a very enjoyable experience with China Travel R Us and recommend to anyone to give Christine a call and travel with this company. I really wish I could have stayed longer, after doing this tour and seeing some parts of China, you could quite easily live in this country it is so nice!! They really know how to look after their clients and make the trip an enjoyable experience. As I am so pleased with this amazing service I have given a breakdown of my tour please read and perhaps you may consider doing this tour in the future.
My tour began on Friday 28thJanuary where I have checked out of Metro park Hotel in Hong Kong. From Hong Kong airport I took a flight up to Chengdu airport. Here I was greeted by my tour guide which was a pleasant fellow to tour with. His name was Tony; he was quite professional, well organised and organised for me to hold a Panda bear. The Giant Panda Bear Research centre was a fascinating place to visit. The Panda Research centre also holds the Red Panda bear which is interesting to watch as they are quite small in size compared to the Big Panda Bear. I missed out on seeing the Mt Qingcheng Shan and Shangqing temple on Mt Qingcheng due to a delay at the airport. The mountain and temple is a must see if you come to Chengdu. In the afternoon we had planned to sip tea and stroll in the culture park. This is a relaxing experience. In the evening we had dinner at Chengdu’s main restaurant. The food was mouth watering, very tasty and worth visiting if you plan to dine in Chengdu. After dinner I watched a cultural dinner show which displays changing masks and changing costumes. It is a phenomenal experience as the costumes change colour and masks change so quickly without special effects, it is a must see if you visit Chengdu. The changing masks cultural show also showed some musical performances which was energetic in their display.  I checked in at the Chengdu Tibet hotel which was 5 star accommodations. This hotel has Tibetan themes throughout the rooms with marble used in the bathroom.  The room was large and spacious with large King size bed and solid timber work around the door. Styled on Tibetan themes this Hotel is fit for a King!!!                                

Next day Saturday 29th January I took a morning flight to Xian. Here I was greeted by my tour guide who was a very friendly person. Her name was Ivy.  In Xian we visited the Hangyang tomb which is authentic and in original form. This tomb was interesting in the fact that unlike restored tombs it gives you a sense of how emperors lived and were buried in those times. We then took a drive for about an hour to visit emperor Qian tombs and the spirited way. Here the only Female Emperor is buried here. The spirited way is the main road the Emperor and her army travelled down. This road is lined with large sculptures of warriors. It is well worth going to visit this site. I checked in to the Renmin Square Mecure hotel which was 4 star accommodations. The hotel is set among a serious of hotels which gives it a grand presence. The room facilities were luxurious, pleasing and plenty of space inside the room. The food was buffet style cuisine with the option of La Carte should you choose something a little more exquisite to your taste buds.  Hotel is located in the city with easy access to the shops. It was a good location and a fine hotel to stay at.

Sunday January 30th in the morning my tour guide met me with a big smile and was happy to begin the tour with me. We drove to the famous Shaanxi Provincial History museum. Here we viewed many different types of artefacts from the Ming and Tang dynasties. The artefacts ranged from, pottery, jewellery, clothing and descriptions of the different dynasties and emperors that ruled them. My tour guide gave me a lot of information and made the visit to this museum informative and interesting. Here a short drive to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda  which is a well preserved ancient building that has a 7 level roof which is fascinating to listen to the history of this Buddhist temple. This temple is 1,300 years old is still used as a Holy place for Buddhists. I highly recommend including visiting this building as part of your tour to Xian it is an important landmark for the people of China. After seeing this building and spending time here we drove to the famous Terracotta warriors and Horses museum. We had lunch at this museum. Here you can watch the chef make noodles in large quantities; it really is a show to watch him toss, twist and thumps the dough.  After lunch we went off to see the Terracotta warriors. There are 8 pits in total to be seen. It is an amazing place to visit. There is no comparison to seeing these clay warriors in real life. Each warrior has an individually sculptured face and the wonderment you feel when you are there is just mind blowing. You really do get a sense of grandeur when you visit this site. You can almost feel the power an emperor had when they were alive as there are so many warriors. The farmer that first discovered them comes to sign everyday so if you’re lucky you might meet him and get his signature. In the evening I attended a cultural dinner show which was the Tang Dynasty dumpling dinner and cultural show. There are many different types of dumplings you are served and each has its own taste and character. The show was spectacular to watch with the colourful lighting, costumes, dances and rhythmic patterns played on the percussion instruments. It was a good variety of different dance performances and worth spending the time to attend the show.

Monday 31st January we visited the Forest Stelas museum. This museum houses many large stone inscriptions of Buddhist writings from the past 600 years. Here you will see three different styles of writing and appreciate the history of these writings. This is an intriguing place to visit and if time permits you can watch the craftsmen write some of these ancient characters in art form. We stopped by the 9 mile City wall and walked around on top. There are views showing the watch tower you can see, also the city for a very long distance. The City wall was decorated for Chinese Spring New Year festival it was very colourful to see. My tour guide was very thorough with her explanations of all the places I went to visit. It was a pleasure to do the tour with my tour guide she has made sure I had an enjoyable experience and was great company to be with. After the city wall my tour guide took me to the new train station where you travel on the bullet train from this station. The station has only been open for two weeks and is a grand new structure for Xian. My tour guide gave me directions on how to board to the train and made sure I checked in ok. Ivy was very helpful.
I have travelled on the bullet train for about 2 and half hours. The bullet train is very modern, smooth, spacious and quiet. This train travels at speeds of up to 312 kilometres an hour yet still gives you a comfortable ride; it is like being on an airplane.  I arrived at Luoyang Railway station at 2 o’clock where I was greeted by my guide, her name was Lynn. We travelled to see the Longmen Grotto caves which is a very picturesque place to visit. There are two large mountains, a huge river called the Yi River and a damn where the caves sit in between these two mountains. They are sculptured in the side of the mountain. These caves were started by the Buddhist Northern Wei rulers 386-534 AD.
There are around 2,000 caves and over 100,000 statues clustered along these caves. You could virtually spend the whole day here if you so choose as there are so many different types of Buddhist statues. My tour guide Lynn was pleasant, friendly and explained the history and important of these caves to me in great detail. My tour guide gave me the time I wanted to observe and take photos of these caves; she was very well mannered and very courteous.  After this I checked in to the Huayang International Plaza Hotel. This Hotel was a nice comfortable hotel to stay at. This hotel was 4 stars with adequate room facilities, TV, air conditioning and nice views of the city. The bathroom facilities were well designed and convenient to use, I enjoyed my stay there. The menu was la carte menu. The food was adequate, staffs were helpful to explain the menu, some staffs do not speak English so you will need to ask if you want someone that speaks English.

Tuesday February 01st my tour guide arrived in the morning and took me to visit the 6 horses Chariot and Horse pits museum.  This museum displays models and artefacts of various pieces throughout the Tang dynasty and Ming dynasty. The emperor was buried with six horses alive this is why the name six horses museum is so called. This museum is worth visiting as it will give you an insight into the ruling of past emperors and significance of Luoyang province in China. We then went to the Shaolin Temple which is about a 2 hour drive from Luoyang. Here the temple is built among the mountains and is quite a peaceful place to visit. The temple was built in the 5th century and is still used today. This is the temple where you will experience a spectacular Kung fu monk’s show displayed by the Shaolin Kung Fu monks. This was the birth place of Shaolin Kung Fu. There is a grand gate at the entrance that you can take a photo of. The monks show their might and skill in this show. It is a must see for all Martial artist students. In the grounds there are several sculptures showing difference styles of Kung Fu. After the show we went to walk down to the Pagoda and you can see many of them where past monks are buried. The temple we visited is quite grand, decorated and pleasing to the eye. My tour guide Lynn gave me a thorough explanation of the pagodas including the newest one. In between the temples you will come across some large trees which has historical significance, they also make a good photo opportunity. My tour guide made this tour an interesting and informative experience; she has a pleasant personality to be with and made me feel welcome. Luoyang is a very beautiful place with its natural beauty to visit; I recommend this place be included on your tour.
I was taken to check in at the Holiday Inn hotel in Zhengzhou in the afternoon. Here I said goodbye to my tour guide. It was a pleasure to have Lynn as my tour guide and enjoyed her company. This hotel was well located across the road from the large shopping centre. This hotel was four stars and offers a good view of the city. The night time in the room makes for a good opportunity for photography of the city as there are many neon lights that light up the city almost like a mini Las Vegas. Bathroom facilities were adequate, well designed western style. TV was available and air conditioning also. The room was comfortable, large and spacious. This hotel has a café area for breakfast buffet style; there was plenty of food to choose from including the option of different types of whisky if you’re courageous enough!! The restaurant is fully licensed. The menu is La carte menu with a reasonable amount of choice. Price was reasonable too.  This hotel has a musician entertaining at the entrance of the restaurant with a traditional Chinese instrument called Zheng. I stayed and listened to the musician playing for quite some time. The instrument sounds like a harp and is quite pleasing to the ear to hear.
Wednesday February 02: My tour ends in Luoyang and I am taken by the driver to the Zhengzhou airport for my flight to Hong Kong. I had an enjoyable experience and will definitely tour with China Travel R us in the future. I highly recommend the tour guides too they were very knowledgeable, friendly and made my experience an enjoyable one.  Contact Christine Zhou if you want to tour with China travel R us and you will be very pleased with her assistance and service.

Review and feedback by Mr. Victor J Debono from Australia