Tips of visiting Yuyuan Garden

1. Walking distance: medium level, almost no challenging steps, but slippery stones paved above water pond and some small paths made it a little difficult to walk on, especially after rain;

2. Wheelchair service not available presently, and it's also hard to push wheelchair to make the whole garden, as the roads are uneven and sometimes slippery, thus requires more attention; No audio guiding machines for rent or sale;

3. Narrow paths all the way (though a little spacious courtyards in between), so when many visitors, usually feel crowded and pushy. It's always nice to let crowds pass first and leave behind to enjoy more with less interference around.

4. Ticket Price: 25RMB/pp;
   Opening Time: 09:00a.m-17:00p.m

5. Watching your personal belongings all the way is highly suggested, especially in the shopping bazaar; shops and stalls in the bazaar sell so-so quality but nice and funny stuff. Bargaining is quite necessary.