Tips of Visiting the Yonghegong Lamasery

Photos are allowed outside, forbidden in the hall.

If take photos of the lamas, do please turn off the flash on the camera.

As Yonghegong Lamasery has been a tourist spot for years, so some relue are becoming flexible to travelers, like you can wear shorts to visit and step into the hall; but some rule are strictly maintained: don't step on the threshold at the doorway of each hall; hats and glasses off are required in the hall; ladies better not wear too little with skin exposed too much, which is regarded as a defense to the Buddhas.

Strong incense burning smell spreads around as the lamasery receives hundreds of worshippers coming from all around the world. If allergic or sensitive to smell like this, better use mask to cover mouth and nose.

When encountered with a Buddhism activity held in the lamasery or the scripture-chanting, that would be more exciting and impressive.