When to go

Although there are great climatic disparities within China, spring and fall are generally the best months to travel. The peak tourist season, however, is during summer (June to September), best avoided if you don't like the heat ?it is baking hot in North China, steamy in the Yangtze region, and sweltering in South China. Winter is fiercely cold in North China, particularly in the northeast, particularly in the northeast. Winters in South China are more pleasant, especially on the perennially worm Hainan Island and parts of Yunnan province. Planning a trip to coincide with the holiday and festival periods can lead to a fun and colorful trip experiencing China at its liveliest. However, tickets for air, train, and bus transport can be very difficult to acquire, as half of China will be traveling as well. Tourist sights are swamped with local sight-seers, and most hotels and guesthouses raise their rates.