Visas and Passports

A passport, valid for at least six months, and a visa are necessary to enter the People's Republic of China However, most foreign nationals don't require a visa for entering Hong Kong and Macau. Chinese embassies and consulates around the world issue a standard single-entry, 30-day visa, although multiple-entry visas, and 60-day and 90-day visas can also be obtained. In general, visas cannot be issued at the border. When completing the visa application form. You must clearly specify what parts of China you plan to visit. Avoid mentioning Tibet, or Xinjiang, even if you plan to visit these regions, as you may be questioned about your occupation and intent of visit ?the list you provide is non-binding. Always carry your passport, as it is an essential document for checking into hotels, and the Public security Bureau may insist on seeing it. Photocopying the visa page and the personal information page will speed up replacement in case your passport is lost or stolen. Visa extensions are sometimes granted for 30 days by the foreign affairs branch of local PSBs throughout the country. Note that heavy fines are levied if you overstay your permitted period in China.