Tips of Visiting Tiananmen Square

1. Restroom facilities not right on the square but have to cross the east and west side road.

2. Wheelchair is accessible to go through the whole square. Besides, if go through the square to go to the Tian'anmen Rostrum, the gate with Chairman Mao’s portrait hung on, there’re also ramps for the special and easier use by the handicapped visitors.

3. Patrolling soldiers in olive green uniforms are not ok to stand with visitors to have the picture taken, because they're on duty and it's not allowed. But if possible, one taken from afar, with the soldiers got into your picture is beyond control. Of course not highly recommended always.

4. Tian'anmen Square is open to tourists all day long without charge. Flag raising and flag setting ceremonies are held with the sunrise and sun set time(everyday a little different), it's necessary to get there and gather around the national flag pole earlier in order to get a better angle to watch.

5. No garbage throwing on the square though trashcan is really seen around. Do please take them out of the square and then handle somewhere else.

6. Chairman Mao's Tomb usually has a long queue of visitors lining up around, waiting for their chance to get inside. So getting there earlier is quite necessary. All the belongings are supposed to deposit in the designated office. No ticket required to visit Chairman Mao, though security check is required at the entrance.

The National Museum is open to visitors free of charge since Mar. of 2008.Half day required to see the whole museum.