Tips of visiting Temple of Heaven

1. Walking distance: long, approx 40 minutes' walk from the north to the south along the central axis, but roads are much flatter compared with that in the Forbidden city; about dozens of wide steps for climbing the Hall of prayer for good harvest and the Circular Mount Altar.

2. It's open for visitors all year round.(Entering the out layer is supposed to buy the main entrance ticket, while at the entrance of the inner layer where the three main buildings located, the second ticket is charged; or you might purchase a connecting coupon which includes both admissions at once at the main entrance)

Daily opening time:  Mar.1-Jun.30 08:00a.m-17:30p.m
                     Jul.1-Oct.31 08:00a.m-18:00p.m
                     Nov.1-Feb.28 next year 08:00a.m-17:00p.m

Ticket stopping time: Mar.1-Jun.30 16:00p.m
                      Jul.1-Oct.31 16:30p.m
                      Nov.1-Feb.28 next year 15:30p.m

3. Ticket Price:
Plain Season(Nov.1-Mar.31 next year): 30RMB/pp/coupon; 10RMB/pp/main entrance
Peak Season (Apr.1-Oct.31): 35RMB/pp/coupon; 15RMB/pp/main entrance

4. Visiting routes: usually one-way trip is recommended, as it's exhausting to walk back the same way. Enter through the east gate and exit by the south gate, or the opposite.

5. Wheelchair service not available right now, but it's not difficult to push wheelchair to go through the whole distance, just the terrace without lifts or proper ramps made it hard to see the inside of the halls.