Tips of visiting Summer Palace

1. To see the whole Summer Palace in every corner is really a tough job, as it's huge and long walking is highly required. East bank owns the most construction which is the essence of all sightseeing in the palace, so to see it in limited and energy-allowing time, the east bank is recommended.

  2. Wheelchairs are accessible to go through, no huge and steep steps and somewhere ramps for handicapped people are available. Unless you would like to pay extra to see the groups of buildings up on the Longevity Hill, you've got to do hundreds of steps up and come down the same way, which is exhausting for the elder.

  3. Shops available almost every corner in the palace, for people to take breaks and buy small souvenirs.

  4. Ticket price (for main entrance): Low season 20RMB/pp
                                       peak season 30RMB/pp

Added: separate tickets are charged at different gardens inside, but hard to find all in one trip as some are located remotely. So the coupon ticket for all the ticket-charging spots sold at the main entrance is not really recommended to purchase.