Tips of Visiting Shanghai Museum

1. Since March.10 2008, all museums in China are open for free to all visitors; New rules adopted in May: security check required at the entrance;

2. it's allowed to take pictures inside the museum, though it's dark and if flash on, it's usually reflected back by the glass enclosing the items.

3. Audio machine for rent is very convenient for both group and individual visitors, as its background information provided in the explanation, and you might pick the one you prefer and interested in to listen, just a glimpse over the others.

4. Air-conditioning room with nice restrooms on each floor; escalator leading up and down, and wheelchair can be accepted in the elevator.

5. Coffee shop available on the 2nd floor and the small bookstore on the 1st floor by the main entrance has all kind of informative books, which is highly recommended to go after the visit.

6. Opening time: 9:00a.m-17:00p.m (No entry since 16:00p.m)