It is as common to see the Chinese with their cameras as it is to find film-developing stores in all major Chinese cities and towns. While 35mm color print film is available almost everywhere, don't expect to find color slide or high-speed film is outside of the large cities. Black-and-white film can only be found in specialty camera batteries are widely available in department stores in big cities, though it is best to bring your own supply. Many photo stores in Hong Kong, Macau, and mainland China provide transferring of images from a digital camera onto a disc.
Photography people in china are generally not a problem, but it helps to first ask for their permission. Photography is rarely allowed within temple halls and museums, or at archeological sites, and sign indicate where photography is not permitted. In case you don't find a sign with such restrictions marked in English, it is advisable to ask around. Photographing politically-sensitive images may result in the confiscation of your film and it goes without saying that photography of military sites banned. As far as the regulations go, photography from aircrafts is banned, and so is taking photographs of airports, harbors, and railroads. However, barring the military installations, most of the other restrictions are seldom enforced.