Tips of visiting Hutong and Courtyard

Hutong rickshaws are recommended to take while visit there. The rickshaw drivers are from hutong Rickshaw Company who might provide useful information and guidance for a worthy hutong tour.

Restroom facilities are not convenient to use in Hutong, as they're all in traditional Chinese pit style, which are something not use to by some westerns. There use to be no flushing system in the restroom, but now the most have been newly installed with flushing, which is much cleaner than before.

Visiting a quadrangle family should be under permission; Most of the Beijing people are very hospitable and warmhearted of accommodating visitors to the Hutong and guiding you around, and having nice chat with travelers.

Shichahai(rear sea)area is the famous bar area in Beijing, where you can entertain and relax at night, after a visit in Hutong.