Tips of visiting the Great Wall

1. Badaling section of the wall is the most popular among the all, which usually attracts more visitors daily. Especially during the peak season of traveling, the crowds on the wall make it busier than usual, and you would feel crowded and hard to move on sometimes; so watch the steps always and don’t forget to find somewhere without "people's heads" to take a picture on the wall.

2. The other section of the wall also owns beautiful scenery, but relatively less crowds compared with the Badaling; but some sections has been over repaired thus made it lost some original flavor. The path on the wall is not really even since the time changes and travelers' steps on time and time again, ramps and steps take turns to make the way, somewhere is really physically-challenging with a big ramp or dozens of steps at once. Wheelchairs are not accessible for the steps and big ramp, so people who really can’t walk or move on their own are almost impossible to get on the platforms before some facilities installed someday (cable cars available if needed and possible) .But it’s OK to look at the magnificent view of the wall from the entrance and having a picture taken with the wall behind you would be very eye-catching..

3. A lot of souvenirs are for sale in the Badaling section. The quality is flexible but it's interesting to bargain and get some small stuff from the venders.

4. Restroom use before the climbing is very necessary, as no restroom facilities available on the wall. Soft shoes are quite necessary, sun-glasses and anti-sun lotion is necessities in the sunny days,

5. Cable car is available for going up and coming down, either a single trip or round trip. so if possible, the physically challenging people can make use of the cable to make their way to the top.(extra tickets required).