Tips of visiting the Bund and Huangpu River

1. Walking distance: easy leisure walks on the Bund, where you may look over to see the Huangpu River flowing by; when the neon lights on, it turns another appearance which is more impressive and remind you of any western modern city. No wonder Shanghai is named as the "Big apple"(originally "big apple" refers to New York in the U.S.) in China.

2. it's accessible for wheelchair to go through, the ramp leading up to the Bund is not steep. No steps.

3. Restroom facility not available on the Bund, only one available in the Huangpu River park which is not very convenient and clean to use, only recommended when emergency.

4. Illegal venders strolling around waiting for the chance to sell cheap but not really good stuff to visitors, sometimes they're pushy and aggressive, and cheat visitors very often. So highly suggest that better not to buy any from those people.

5. Half hour is ok to make the visit. Don"t miss the "Kodak Moment" with the Pudong behind, and another with the architectures exhibition on the other side. This is exactly the right way to take the visit of Shanghai home.