Chinese History

China:a country with 5,000-year-long civilization
The history of China is long and rich. It is one of the longest single unified Civilizations in the world. Chinese glary civilization is one of the four most ancient in the world. It is characterized by a consistency and continuity throughout the whole Chinese history. The Chinese tradition has remained basically unchanged even though political power has changed hands numerous times. North Alien ethnic groups invaded the country? heartland many times, but in the end all of them became members of a united country. Foreign ideas were assimilated and absorbed during the periods of peace and prosperity. Ancient Chinese is only one nationality can read their thousands years ago? language. According to some character records in Chinese history and archaeological excavation modern times, we know what happened in ancient china, we know ancient Chinese once create brilliant culture, and have contributed immensely to the progress in people? social life, as well as the science and technology

Chinese history is a fascinating chronicle that reaches deep into the past to dim and obscure origins. Exploring the strata of this profound history, an epic tale emerges, it is not only characterized by dramatic shifts in power between rival factions, the disintegration of empire through corruption and political subterfuge, and the cyclical rise of ambitious leaders to found each new empire or dynasty but also known ------ periods of long times peace and prosperity was keep and foreign ideas were assimilated and absorbed.

Like all other peoples on earth, the Chinese have passed through the primitive, matriarchal and patriarchal communes and the slave and feudal systems.

From around 8,000 BC, settlements of populations based on a primitive agricultural economy began to emerge along the rich river deltas of the Yellow River, Wei River and Yangtze River. Each civilization is notable for its own distinct style of pottery. The first dynasty in china was founded by the Shang around 1600BC, after then, Zhou, Qin, Hang, Sui, Tang Those rich archaeological finds, historical records, and historical relic, such as pottery, Bronze ware, ancient coin, Terracotta, iron, Porcelain, Silk, ancient Architecture and so on, can take us back those ancient period.