Putting China on the Map

China is located in the east of the world; it is the third largest country in the world with over 20 per cent of the planet population. Stretching over 50 degrees of latitude and covering 3.7 million sq miles (9.6 million sq km) of land, it has a 12,400 (20,000km) long pacific coastline and is bordered by 14 countries. Chinas borderland territories make for a fascinating cultural tapestry. Russia, North Korea, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Kirgizstan, Kazakstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Burma, Laos, and Vietnam border the country, many of its most colorful and engaging regions lie on its periphery, a cocktail of different cultures and ethnic minorities.

China is composed of 22 provinces, four municipalities (Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, and Shanghai), five Autonomous Regions, two Special Administrative Regions (Hong Kong and Macau) and Taiwan.

A journey to China throws open to visitors a geographical encyclopedia and a breathtaking exploration of diverse worlds. In the shrinking global village traveling through China recalls the excitement of being an adventurer. There are Great Mountains, such as Himalaya, Kunlun, Tianshan, Huangshan, Huashan, Taishan Chinas lowest point, the Turpan Depression, forbidding deserts, including the Gobi and the Taklimakan, scenic Yangtze River and Li River.

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