Paper Umbrellas

Paper umbrella in China is a distinctive folk craftwork. There are a great variety of paper umbrellas, such as the flowery umbrella, the silk cotton paper umbrella, the bluish green boron umbrella, double layers flowery umbrella, serigraphy umbrella and so on. Like other craftworks, paper umbrella demands precise skills. When making the umbrella, every part should be carefully chosen. The rib of the umbrella should be made out of the bamboo of more than 5 years from north Fujian Province, which is pliable, flexible and elastic and can prevent the umbrella from being moldy, rotten, and from woodworms after the special dealing. The surface of the umbrella is made of the specific refined tissue paper which can stand strong force. Craftsmen will paint the glutinous Tung oil on the surface of umbrella and then draw pictures of flowers, birds, characters, and landscape. An umbrella will be finished after more than 80 processes. So the umbrella will not be destroyed, distorted or fade in sunshine, rain and wind. Besides, this kind of paper umbrella can prevent users from the attack of lightning and thunder. The traditional umbrella craftsmanship in Fuzhou consists of fives parts: making the umbrella ribs, the umbrellas, the heads of umbrellas, umbrella handles, and painting patterns. Each of these five parts is a great skill.

Nowadays, paper umbrellas have withdrawn from the busy urban life due to its complicated craftsmanship. However, paper umbrellas are stilled appreciated and collected as a kind of elaborate craftwork.