Lanterns, the traditional folk craftwork, are still popular all over the country. The art of making lanterns, as the precious traditional culture of Chinese, is passed from generation to generation so that it continues into present day. We can say that lanterns play an important and irreplaceable role in China’s long history and symbolize the brilliant culture.
Lanterns are still widely used today and can be seen during special days such as the Lantern Festival, wedding and celebration ceremonies. Besides, lanterns have some other functions in daily life. As verified by historians, the Chinese lantern was the earliest invented portable illumination instrument in the world. However, Chinese lanterns were not just used to illuminate; they were also historic. The elaborate pattern of lanterns was the gathering of intelligence of ancient working people. Ancient lanterns were on the highest artistic level.

Currently, people use other instruments to illuminate instead of lanterns. However, lanterns still hold a special place for the Chinese people and recently, great changes have taken place in the skills of making lanterns so that they are more useful in decoration. In addition, lanterns are used more in advertisements.

At present, people have changed their taste for lanterns. As a result, traditional lanterns have become collectors’ items. Artists at home and abroad have great passion for traditional Chinese lanterns because of their elegant molding and exquisite craftsmanship.