Tree-Planting Day

Date: March 12th

Tree-Planting Day is a statutory festival which some countries set in order to inspire people's passions for planting and protecting trees, to increase the area of land covered by forests and to protect the natural environment on which people depend for their living.
State Nebraska of the U.S is the place where Tree-Plating Day was set at the earliest time. On April 10th, 1872, Sterling Morton, a famous American agriculturist, put forward the proposal of setting Tree-Planting Day at a meeting of the Garden Society of Nebraska. The state adopted his proposal. From the year of 1885, April 22nd was set as Tree-Planting Day of the state. From then on, the other states of the U.S and all other countries had some response to this regulation.
After Xinhai Revolution of 1911, Mr. Sun Yat-sen, the Chinese leader of that time, put forward a plan of planting trees on a large scale in the northern and middle parts of China, and also gave a future picture of agriculture modernization. In 1924, he emphasized in a speech given in Guangzhou, "our research findings indicate that the basic way of avoid flood and drought is to plant trees and form forests. We need to have large areas of forests," Later in many works and speeches of his, he repeatedly stressed the hazard of damaging forests and the importance of planting trees.
In 1915, in response to Sun Yat-sen's proposal, Beiyang government (Northern government) formally publicize a regulation that Pure Brightness Festival (April 5th ) was adopted as Tree-Planting Day. From them on, China had its own Tree-Planting Festival. However, some time later, as Pure Brightness Festival is a time which is too late for tree-planting in southern part of China, and also in order to commemorate Mr. Sun Yat-sen, the national government decided to take March 12th, the date when Mr. Sun Yat-sen passed away, as Tree Planting Day.
In February 1979, the 6th session of the standing committee of the 5th NPC made a resolution that March 12th would be taken as Chinese Tree-Planting Day, and demanded the whole country to carry out tree-planting activities on this day, and the whole society to support the construction of forestry. In 1981, based on Deng Xiaoping (1904-1997)'s proposal, the 5th NPC passed the Resolution on Launching a Campaign of Voluntary Tree-Planting throughout the Country.
When March 12th Tree-Planting Day is approaching, people usually go outdoors to fulfill a citizens' obligation of planting trees. Deng Xiaoping, who was the active continuously for eight years, People's senses of environment protection, harmonious the campaign of voluntary tree-planting advocated by the government. Since December of 1981, the total number of trees planted voluntarily by the whole country has reached as many as 35 billion.
According to the statistics of the UN, there have been 50 countries so far which have set a Tree-Planting Day. Because of the difference of specific situation and geographical position of each country, the name and date of Tree-Planting Day in each country is also different from each other.