Chinese Statutory Festival

Chinese statutory festivals and memorial days can be roughly divided into three types: the first type is those when all the citizens are entitled to a holiday, including New Year's Day (one-day holiday), Spring Festival (three-day holiday); the second type is those when a part of all the citizens can enjoy the holiday, including Women's Day (half-day holiday only for women), Youth Day (half day holiday only for the young people above 14 years old), Children's Day (one-day holiday for those below 13 years old), and Army's Day (half-day holiday for active army men); the third type of statutory festivals and memorial days is those without any holiday, for example, July 1st Memorial Day for the establishment of the China Communist Party, July 7th Memorial Day for the beginning of the anti-Japanese War, September 3rd Memorial Day for the victory of anti-Japanese War, Tree-Planting Day, Teachers' Day, Nurses' Day, and Journalists' Day, and etc.