24 Pionts

Twenty-Four Seasonal Division Pionts



 Solar Calendar

 Lunar Calendar




 Spring Beginning of Spring  4-5 Feb.  Early first lunar month  315  Spring begins
   Rain Water 19-20 Feb. Middle first lunar month   330 The amount of rain increases 
  Waking of Insects 5-6 Mar. Early second lunar month   345 The hibernated animals are awoken by the spring thunder 
  Vernal Equinox  20-21 Mar. Middle Second lunar minth  0 The sun shines above the Tquator and the day and night go halves
   Pure Brightness 5-6 Apr.  Early third lunar month   15 Pure and bright; trees and grass thriving
  Grain Rain 20-21 May  Middle third lunar month   30 The rainfall begins to increase and grains grow well 
 Summer Beginning of Summer  5-6 May  Early forth lunar month  45  Summer begins
  Grain Budding  21-22 May Middle fourth lunar month   60 Grains begin to be in the milk 
  Grain in Ear  6-7 Jun. 

Early fifth lunar month

 75 Awny crops like wheat begin to ripe 
  Summer Slostics  21-22 Jun.  Middle fifth lunar month   90 The sun shines above the Tropic of Cancer and the day reaches 
  Slight Heat  7-8 Jul.  Early sixth lunar month   105 Hot 
  Great Heat  23-24 Jul.  Middel sixth lunar month  120 The hottest time
 Autumn Beginning of Autumn  7-8 Aug.  Early seventh lunar month   135 Autumn begins 
  Limit of Heat  23-24 Aug.  Middle seventh lunar month   150 The summer-heat begin to die down 
  White Dew  7-8 Sep.  Early eighth lunar month   165 Getting cold and dews begin to show up in the morning 
  Autumnal Equinox  23-24 Sep.  Middle eighth lunar month   180 The sun shines above the Equator and the day and night go halves 
  Cold Dew   8-9 Oct. Early ninth lunar month   195 Getting colder and the morning dew is very cool 
  Frost's Descent  23-24 Oct. Middle ninth lunar month   210 Getting colder and frost begin to show up 
 Winter Beginning of Winter  7-8 Nov.  Early tenth lunar month   225 Winter begins 
  Slight Snow   22-23 Nov. Middle tenth lunar month   240 Slight snowfalls 
  Great Snow   7-8 Dec. Early eleventh lunar month    255 Great snowfalls 
  Winter Solstics  22-23 Dec. Middle eleventh lunar month  270 Sun Shines above the Tropic of Capricorn and the day reaches its shortest time 
  Slight Cold   5-6 Jan. Early twelfth lunar month   285 Cold 
  Great Cold   20-21 Jan. Middle twelfth lunar month   300 Extremely cold