Chinese Festival

In Chinese ever-forward 5,000 years history course there have developed rich and various traditional festivals. Most of the traditional Chinese festivals in ancient China had something to do with the development of astronomy, calendar and mathematics. The beginning of those Chinese traditional festivals was particularly related to the later decided 24 seasonal division points under the traditional Chinese lunar calendar. Those divisions helped to form festivals, for in their life and work, people developed different customs and activities which can express their good wishes according to the yearly change of seasons and natural phenomena. So, festivals began to take their shapes what based on these customs and activities. Many Chinese traditional festivals had already showed the rudiment in the Qin Dynasty, major traditional Chinese festivals had been settled to a large exist until the time of the Han Dynasty. By the time of the Tang dynasty, the festivals had changed into more entertaining amusement. Festivals became more joyful and colorful that they really became happy events. Due to the development of the society and the advancement of times, people’s views about life have changed greatly, so, the culture of Chinese festivals is change with time, too.