Chinese Culture

Chinese is proud of their splendid culture. Just like the people who lived in the other part of the world, during those 5,000 years, Chinese people created brilliant civilizations in this mysterious and beautiful land too.

Today, China has captivated the world with its high-speed economic growth. The country is exerting an ever-greater impact on the world. As its economy, culture, science, technology and society rapidly advance, people throughout the world fix their eyes on this ancient yet great nation. They are eager to learn about its past, which might provide a clue to the driving force behind its current rapid economic growth. The Western world used to know little about China’s past, except for the four major inventions.

As a matter of fact, China as and important source of human civilization had given birth to brilliant ancient philosophy, science and technology and led the world in most of the history of world civilization, and till the mid 19th century its economy was the largest in the world. The Chinese scored great achievements in natural sciences as well as in art and literature, history, philosophy, medicine and architecture. There were numerous philosophers, statesmen, strategists, writers, artists, scientists, inventors, and skillful craftsmen, and the greatest among them left their names in the annals.

The Chinese civilization is one of the four most ancient in the world. It is characterized by a consistency and continuity throughout the millenniums, generation after generation, stuck to a unique cultural tradition. Come to visit China to feel about it.