Chinese Profile

China, a country with 5,000 years civilization in the world, has long history, and bright culture.

Here is the information of geography, history and culture on China, hope that can help the people who interested in China to know this land and the people who live here.

China, an ancient country, is located in the east of the world. Stretching over 50 degrees of latitude and covering 3.7 million sq miles (9.6 million sq km) of land, China is the third largest country in the world with over 20 per cent of the planets population. It is bordered by 14 countries and has a 12,400 (20,000km) long pacific coastline.

China is one of the longest single unified civilizations in the world. Chinese long and rich history is not only characterized by dramatic shifts in power between rival factions, the disintegration of empire through corruption and political subterfuge, and the cyclical rise of ambitious leaders to found each new empire or dynasty but also known ------ periods of peace and prosperity when foreign ideas were assimilated and absorbed.

Chinese is proud of their splendid culture. Just like the people who lived in the other part of the world, during those 5,000 years, Chinese people created brilliant civilizations in this mysterious and beautiful land too.