Donate Children Village

Built by an ordinary local famer Mr. Guo Jianhua, Dongzhou Children’s Village is located Sanyuan County, Xian. The parents of the children in this village are the criminals in jail. These children are not orphans, so they are not supposed to be treated by the government according to law of social well fare. This kind hearted farmer covers most of the costs such as running expenses, education fee and medical care for the children in this village except some donations from the volunteers. There are 50 children in this village so far.  Most of them are 4 years ---18 years old. Deeply moved by Mr. Guo, our company has a program to donate this children’s village in name of our guests who buy the tour through our company. We will donate 5 US dollars to the village from our income per person who buy the China tour.
Thank you.