Taibai Mountain

The National Forest Park is situated in Meixian County on the northern hillside of Mount Taibai, the highest peak of the Qingling Mountain Range. It occupies an area of 2949 hectares, with 137 scenic attractions of every description distributed in eight large scenic zones.

The park stands 620 to 3500i meters above sea level, the highest of its kind in China. The vast difference in altitude results in a distinctive vertical distribution of climate, soil and vegetation. The park experiences four different temperature zones in ascending order: warm temperate, lukewarm temperature zones in ascending order: severe-cold temperature. Accordingly, there are six different forest landscape zones vertically. They are representative of unique bio-communities. The park has a variegated mass of plants, including 1500 higher plants and 300 moss plants. Besides, lichen, fern and Artemisia are also large components of its vegetation. It has more than 260 species of wild birds and animals, and those within first and second categories under state protection are the golden-haired monkey, the takin, the clouded leopard, the red-bellied tragopan and the giant salamander.

Grotesque and splendid landforms scatter over the park. There are three types of hills: low, medium-sized and high. These landscape zones assume distinctive features. The loess-covered stony low hills below an altitude of 1300 meters are characterized by loess and stony hilly landforms, and there are many stone caves in them.

Landscape varies from place to place in them medium hilly area. Available here are steep hills, symmetrical peaks, narrow vales and gullies, jagged and oddly-shaped rocks, deep water pools and gushing waterfalls. The glaciated high hilly area lies smooth and out-stretched, and shows signs of the quaternary glacier everywhere. Angular peaks and gigantic stones come in thousands of shapes, and present a lively sight. The landscapes of stone rivers0 has grown out of boulders as a result of severs erosion by the melting ice and wind. The park is famed as a natural geology museum for its intact geo-tectonics and varied rocks.

The park is endowed with rich hot spring resources. The Tangyu Hot Spring Sanitarium in Meixian County, situated at the entrance of the park, gets its water source from 11 spas and three wells. The spring water is top-quality and contains more than 20 kinds of healthy minerals and trace elements.