Entertainment in Xian

Tang Dyansty Theater
Performance - Chinese Traditional Dancing and Music:
- Tang Dynasty Theater and Restaurant (Tangyuegong)
- Shaanxi Opera and Dance Theater
- The Grand Beauty Sunshine Theather

Night clubs
- Along the short Nandajie (South Street) are the most clubs. You will easily find the MIX (big light ad) and its neighbour Palando. Both are rather places to sit and drink. If you want a dance floor, go along towards South Gate, on the same side there are first Night Cat with some foreigners and OK-DJs and Kulala.
- The most popular club remains 1+1 (pronounced "yi-jia-yi" for the taxi driver)in the middle of Dongdajie The club has 3 dance floors: First floor is mostly hiphop music, second floor is mostly techno and third floor is for slow jam music.
- In Spring, summer and fall, the area around South Gate is beautiful. East of it are three nice bars with terrace and garden.