Sangke Grassland

The Sangke Grassland is part of the Dajiu flatland (Horse-racing flatland )in the Sangke Tpwnship, it spread out some 10 kiloneters away to the southwest of the Xiahe county. Embraced on all sides by ountains it has a piece of flat highland pasture in the middle. Irrigated by Daxia River flowing slowly through from south to north, the land features abundant water and grass with beautiful scenery and under the white-clouded blue sky, herds of sheep and cows are grazing, a perfect place of natural scenes for enjoying a pastoral life. The Sangke has always been a pastureland of the Tibtan people. Every summer the pastureland covered with grasses seems to be a carpeted lawn with all kinds of flowers vying for beauty. With a fresh and cool weather, it is an ideal place for returning to nature, in which visitors can be free from summwr heat while getting to know something about the nomadic life of the Tibetan people.