Nanshan Pasture

Nanshan Pasture is a branch of Tianshan Mountain chains. It stretches over a vast natural area with fascinating scenery. The elevation around the Nanshan Pasture is about 1, 600 meters on average. It is cool in summer and could be the nearest summer resort of Urumqi . It is located 60 kilometers South of the suburbs of Urumqi City ; about 2 hours driving.

The pasture is a green, fertile valley surrounded by attractive mountains. Among the mountains, White Willow Ditch is a unique and graceful peak, snow-capped all year round. In the pasture, can appreciate a beautiful picture of steep mountains, luxuriant grassland, herds of sheep and cattle, and Kazak yurts scattered sparsely on the meadow, you will taste food with Kazak flavor and you may also ride a house gallop on the pasture.