Urmuqi is the capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in northwest of China. This place became famous mainly for its role as the last stopover along the famous trade route - “Silk Road".

Urmuqi is located between latitude 435 to 440 north and longitude 860 to 885 east on an alluvial fan at the northern foot of the Tianshan Mountains, with the Junggar Basin in the north and surrounded by mountain ranges in the east, west and south, and the Urumqi River flowing through it from south to north, covers an area of 11,440 square kilometers with an elevation of 680 to 920 meters, of which 49.3 square kilometers are covered by the city proper, which is two to six kilometers from east to west and sixteen kilometers from north to south. The total urban planning area of the city is 1,600 square kilometers. As the political, economic, cultural, science and technological and information center of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region, Urumqi is the hub of communications linking the region with the rest of the country as well as linking it up with various parts north and south of the Tianshan Mountains.

Urumqi's rich cultural diversity is demonstrated by many ethnic minorities in the area. Han, Uygur, there are 43 ethnic groups reside, such as Hui, Kazak, Manchu, Sala and Mongolian people. They are all represented in this culturally diverse region.

Urumqi has a long history. The place has been home to a mix of ethnic groups for nearly 2,000 years. The ancient Chinese Silk Road went through Xinjiang during the Han Dynasty, known at that time as the Western Regions, and became an important stopover of Silk Road.

Urumqi has very rich tourist resources. In and around Urumqi, visitors can find The Red Hill, South Pasture, the Heavenly Lake, the Xinjiang Uigure Autonomous Region Museum and some others. 

In recent years, the economy and culture of Urumqi has continuously developed, tourism and transportation develop very fast especially. More choices for accommodation and dining, ranging from luxury hotels to budget hostels and from western restaurants to the local food street have been established. Nightlife in Urumqi provides multiple-range of choices such as watching the ethnic sing-and-dance show, tasting native delicacies in the night market, or simply hanging out in bars.