Hotels in Tibet

Tibet is not as developed as some other places in china. And its tourism is in its infancy and the high-quality hotels are quite limited. The newer hotels are built away from the city center in order to protect the city history and environment. These hotels have central heating which is used in winter but no cooling is available in summer. The facilities and service standard may not be as your expect. Older hotels located in the city have a good location but will not provide such comfort condition. Staff will probably not speak much English. Hotels in small cities and the Everest Base camp are very basic.

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we should know that hotels in Tibet are not as superior as those in other big cities in china or other foreign countries. Budget guesthouse has two kinds. First one is the twin room with or without a bathroom in it. Second is a triple, or four-bed room, or more beds rooms named dormitory which all have no private bathroom in them. Former one can be easily found in Lhasa and Shigatse, while later one is often available in remote area in Tibet.
Comfortable hotels refer to middle class hotels according to its location, or price, or comprehensive service ability. They are usually three star hotels, or comparatively good 2 star hotels.

The best available hotels are the 4 star hotels. They can only be found in Lhasa. The best available hotels in other regions out of Lhasa are generally 3 star hotels, and in some places with no star, but also be of good condition.

Not every hotel has access to internet. Actually, some hotels in Lhasa have access to internet, so you should inquiry your travel guide for specific information before you booking a hotel. But some hotels will provide some certain places like business center for customers where you can use internet service.

Just note the special condition in Tibet, the high altitude and the poor pressure make the water flow may small and water sometime is not hot but just warm. In other regions out of Lhasa or Shigatse, the condition can be even worse.