Culture of Tibet

The fact that Tibet attracts numerous people in the world is inseparable with the region's long history and unique cultural landscape. The long history has left Tibet with numerous scenic spots and religious sites which are famous both home and abroad. They form an invaluable treasure for developing tourism in Tibet. The traditional culture of Tibet is one of the most colorful parts of the Chinese culture. It features animal husbandry, clothing, food, folk housing, festival, folklore, customs and social taboos. Besides the folk culture, Tibetan culture also contains a heavy religious color with the Tibetan Buddhism, Bon Religion and folk religions. In addition, the astronomy, calendric system, medicine, architecture, hardware, textile, all sorts of documents and annals, splendid paintings and sculptures, as well as enchanting music, dance and local operas all form distinctive features of the Tibetan culture that will ensure new discoveries for every visit.

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