Air transportation

Lhasa has regular flights with Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xinjiang, Xi'an, Guangzhou and Shanghai. Inside Tibet, the flight between Lhasa and Qamdo is already established. For international flights, travelers in Lhasa can directly reach Kathmandu of Nepal. Through these airports, travelers can easily reach anywhere in the world. The china Southwest Airlines Company has undertaken all the flights in and out of Tibet.

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According to specialists, as the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau offers peculiar challenges to anyone seeking to fly over the region. The terrain is very complex, creating unique and ever-changing weather patterns, and the high mountains are covered by ice and snow all year round. As for the safe flying height, it is above 7,500 meters to east of Qamdo in eastern Tibet, and 8,600 meters to west of Qamdo; elsewhere, it is only about 2,000-4,000 meters. The changing climate of ice and snow, clouds and fog, wind, and lightening storms pose great difficulties to flying and to safe, accurate navigation. While in the past four decades or so, the Level Two special plane standard has been applied and maintained 100percent safety record. Most of the planes reaching Tibet range from 757 to 200 types, while a few are giant Airbus A340-300types. The computer ticket system of Lhasa is connected with the national network. From Lhasa, travelers can book plane tickets that start from Chengdu to anywhere in the country. There are three civil airports in Tibet: Lhasa Airport, Bangda Airport and Nyingchi Airport.

Gonggar Airport of Lhasa

The Gonggar Airport lies on the southern bank of the Yarlung Zangbo River. The Airport is about 100kilometres to the south of Lhasa. The runway at the Gonggar Airport is the longest for civil airport in china with 4000 meters long. All the present types of large planes in the world are allowed to take off and land easily. The airport is equipped with advanced communication navigation, power, weather forecast, ticket systems and ground satellite transmission station. The 10000-square-metre waiting hall is bright and 600 passengers can flow by easily every hour.

Bangda Airport of Qamdo

The Bangda Airport sits on an elevation of 4334 meters, which makes it the world's highest civil airport. It was finished in 1995 and located in the far eastern area of Tibet. The civil flight route from Bangda to the Gonggar Airport of Lhasa is 715 kilometers. At present, one flight is scheduled for every week. All the planes are of the B757-200 types. Travelers can fly from Chengdu or Lhasa here.

Nyingchi Airport
The Nyingchi Airport is located in the southeastern part of Tibet. The area borders India and Burma. The airport just opened in 2006. An impressive facility, it is 400km from Lhasa. The airport is at a lower altitude than Lhasa and Bangda Airports. The airport is designed to serve growing tourism. The runway is 3,000 meters long and 45 meters wide, and the parking apron occupies an area of 3,000 square meters.
Now, as for Lhasa Gonggar Airport and Bangda Airport owned by Tibet, Bangda Airport poses much difficulty to tourists in winter because of the high altitude and far distance from Lhasa. By the operation of Nyingchi Airport, tourists can adapt to the plateau climate gradually from relatively low altitude places as well as appreciating the special plateau scenes along the way.