Bridge in Zhujiajiao
Zhujiajiao is ancient village was formed 1,700 years ago. The town was officially established during the Ming Dynasty. There are archaeological findings of 5,000 years ago of the lives of the primitives.

The town became prosperous with the cloth and rice businesses. There are still the remnants of the historical sites, such as the post office of the Qing Dynasty, the old rice and oil stores, old banks, a power plant and ancient properties.

There are numerous rivers crisscrossing the town. 9 long streets run along the rivers; thousands of ancient building stand on the Bands. 36 ancient stone bridges constitute a picture of ancient town life. a bridge is the extension of a street. Every bridge in Zhujiajiao has a story to tell. Those bridges make up a beautiful story of Zhujiajiao.

Water is the soul of Zhujiajiao. It is like the long hair of a maiden, soft and calm.

White walls and black-tiled roofs, carved window frames and brick-paved courtyards with little gardens. These are the  house in Zhujiajiao.

If you want to know Zhujiajiao, why not take a walk on the moonlit night or under drizzling rain on the little slab-stone paths to explore the ancient time? Those were the stone paths on which the scholars trod on their way back with success at eh Imperial Examination.