Jade Buddha Temple

Jade Buddha Temple
Among the Buddhist temples in Shanghai, the most well-known is certainly the "Jade Buddha Temple" built in 1882. In such a magnificent temple, Buddhist Yan-chee, the main building for the Heavenly Kings, hall of Great Power, Prajna Zhang room stand on the axis. Visited the whole temple, you feel as if in appreciation of a magnificent picture of China. From the outside, the space gradually starts changing; it seems to be the exhibition of China's Song Dynasty-style palace complex.

The Jade Buddha Temple Zhaobi (screen) is the first thing in sight when step into the temple.  The hall of Heavenly Kings honors six statues of Buddha, the middle is the Buddha Maitreya, with his back-to-back of Weituo Buddha, and on both sides are the four heavenly kings.

In the hall of Great Power, a shrine houses in the middle with a big fat monk called Maitreya, who is widely known to the Chinese as "big belly Buddha" or "smiling Buddha" who as the legend goes lived more than 2000 years ago and begged food which was later donated to temples with a bag in hand, so he also has a name as "Bag Buddhism". He is a happy and broad-minded symbol among Chinese, and it’s said that only the happy and optimistic ones can be accepted by Buddhism.

Pharmacist Buddha is in the east, and in the west side is Amitabha Buddha. The Big Buddha in the three blocks between the gods is "Thousand-Buddha tree". The Thousand-Buddhas are lifelike, as if they’re listening to numerous Buddhist disciples of the Buddha Sakyamuni, which feels to bring you to enter the Buddhist world.

In the Main Hall, around the stage on both sides of God, there're "20 heavens", erected upright, with the bodies leaning forward showing respect to Buddha. All of different facial expressions are in very beautiful shapes. The so-called "Heaven" is "god" alias, 20 heavens, which is Buddhist country to "defend the Law Corps."

Jade Buddha Floor has a large Buddha shrine.The Buddha, which is unique in jade Buddha Temple, enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad as the temple treasure. The Buddha is 1.95 meters high, 1.34 meters wide and weighs about one ton, carved out of the block of the white jade from Myanmar. The jade Buddha has a facial fullness, like a full moon,; the crescent eyebrows, with eyes half open, straight bridge of nose, and lips tightly closed, the mouth slightly up-curved. Big-lobe ears, broad shoulders, and he wears Jiasha (Buddhism clothes), covering his right shoulder. The Buddha lays his left leg on his right hand, with palm upwards for meditation. In India, it said that Sakyamuni meditated under the bodhi tree, after 81 days of meditation, he got enlightened. In contravention of India it said that the Buddha is willing to sacrifice themselves for the people in the world.

The carving of Jade Buddha is exquisite and detailed. With the round and smooth surface, it seems like just out of the water. The Buddha is in harmonious design, with the body leaning forward slightly, showing a quiet expression.