Yunshan Ping

Yunshan Ping
n the Naxi language Yunshan Ping is "Wuluyoucuige", which means the place for loves that die for their love.

The Naxi is a people that will pursue love bravely. Many lovers choose to die for their love. Peter Goullart called Lijiang the city of people dying for love. in Jade Dragon Mountain in order to protect their love from being ruined by worldly conceptions. 
In Dongba classic work Lubanlurao, there is a story like this: a couple sang songs while walking. They passed by the first kingdom in Jade Dragon that was covered with all kinds of thistles and thorns. Then they crossed the infertile second kingdom of Jade Dragon. Finally, they came to the third kingdom at the peak with the snow on it. It is an ideal place like Eden. They didn't want worldly wealth and even the heavenly dwelling that god enjoys. They wanted the third kingdom, this paradise on the top of Jade Dragon. In this place, people ride on tigers and herb white deer. They get up in the songs of birds and drink the wine made from the white snow.

Yunshan Ping
On its eastern slope the Yulong Snow Mountain Tourist Cableway, the Yunshan Ping Tourist Cableway and a ski site have been built. The cableway starts at a spot 3,356 meters above sea level in a primeval forest, and ends at a terrace on the snow mountain 4,506 meters above sea level. The total length is 2,968 meters, with a vertical difference of 1,150 meters. Now it is the cableway with the highest altitude of its kind in the world.

The technology and equipment were imported from the Leinter Company of Italy. Taking the cableway, one can see seven vertical plant belts along the way. At the top end, tourists can enjoy snow scene all year round, and can also have a closer look at modern glaciers formed 40,000 years ago.

Highly recommend you to leave the town of Dayan earlier in the morning, to take the cable car. Usually it is very crowded from 9h00 in the morning. So leave the town at 7h00, and drive one hour to the Yunshanping Meadow.

When you arrive in the summit, follow the trekking trail and walk around the forest. Yulong Snow Mountain is the spiritual prop of the Naxi. The God of Jade Dragon, Sanduo, is the greatest protector of the Naxi people.

Opening Hours: 08:30 to 18:00
Admission Fee: CNY 90 (Including CNY 45 for the rope way)