Transportation of Lijiang

Lijiang Old Town
Traveling to Lijiang by air is the best way. Lijiang Airport (LJG) is located about 28 kilometers (about 17.4 miles) to the south of Lijiang City, having an elevation of about 2242.6 meters (about 7357.6 feet). It takes 40 minutes to travel by plane from Kunming to Lijiang and the ticket price is about RMB 530. The airport was constructed in 1995, and now is one of the busiest mid-sized airports in Yunnan Province. Currently, there are connections from Kunming, Xishuangbanna, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen and Guiyang. However, most visitors prefer to fly to Kunming first, and then get to Lijiang by air or by long-distance bus. Kunming Wujiaba International Airport provides more domestic and international services.

When you arrive at Lijiang Airport, travel to the city is by airport shuttle bus or taxi. The shuttle buses run between the airport and the civil aviation ticket office in Lantian Hotel. The whole journey takes 30 minutes and the fare is about CNY15 per person. From there you can get to the Old Town by taxi for CNY10. The bus journey takes about half an hour. Alternatively, you can travel to the Old Town directly by taxi for about CNY80.


Long-distance bus:

Because there is no train in Lijiang, the bus is the crucial traveling tool for visitors. At present, the most convenient way to reach Lijiang City is by bus. Located at the interface of Yunnan, Sichuan provinces and Tibet, Lijiang has set up a relatively complete highway system extending in all directions. It is easy for visitors to travel between Lijiang and other tourist destinations of Yunnan Province, such as Kunming, Dali and Shangri-La. Additionally, there are regular buses running between Lijiang and Panzhihua of Sichuan Province everyday. The followings are some long-distance bus stations there:


Owing to the city's more prosperous tourist industry, the city buses of Lijiang have made a great progress in recent years. There are more than 10 bus lines running in Lijiang City, connecting every corner of the new district, except for the Old Town where no vehicles are allowed to enter. The ticket fare is from CNY0.5 to CNY1. Every morning, the No.7 bus departs from Hongtaiyang Square in the north of the Old Town to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The fare is about CNY15. Also, No.8 which departs from the Department Store runs a circular route.

Lijiang transport service center bus station
Address: Changshui Road in the southwest corner of Lijiang Ancient City. Telephone: 0888-5121106
Buses available: There are long distance buses to Zhongdian and Deqin, and night buses to Kunming.
Transportation: Take Bus No. 1 to get there.
Lijiang Guluwan bus station
Address: Heilongtan Park in the north of the ancient city (Hongtaiyang Square)
Main destinations: Daju, Xiaguan, Zhongdian, Panzhihua, and night buses to Kunming
Lijiang Gaokuai bus station
Address: on Shangri-la Avenue
Telephone: 0888-5169758
Now only has bus to Kunming available.
Lijiang tourism bus station
Address: On Changshui Road beside Naxi Hotel.
Telephone: 0888-5125492
Buses only leave for Kunming and Xiaguan.


Although Lijiang isn’t a large city neither in size nor in population, Lijiang has about one thousand taxis. A small taxi is CNY6 for the first 3 kilometers (about 1.86 miles) and then CNY1.6 for every additional kilometer (about 0.62 mile). A Santana taxi is CNY7 for the first 3 kilometers and CNY1.8 for each additional kilometer. Generally speaking, you can bargain for a reasonable price with the driver if you just travel in the urban area. If you want to go to a further destination, the car can be rented cheaply except during the tourist peak season.


Bikes can be rented. In Hongtaiyang Square bike rental service is available, and it costs RMB 15 per day. In addition Lijiang old city International Youth Hostel offers this service. Generally the hostel only rents bikes to guests who accommodate in the hostel, but during the off-season they would probably rent bikes to other people.