Mus Residence

Mu Residence
The Mufu, Lijiang (Mu's Mansion) is actually Lijiang's ancient ruler Mu's official residence. Mu received his officials in this palace and although it was basically a residence, it also served as the center of politics, power and wealth in ancient Naxi. Mu was a ruler of Ming dynasty who commissioned this mansion to be built in exactly the same style as the Forbidden City. The Mufu, Lijiang is a supreme instance of Naxi people's brilliant architectural and artistic skills. Mu's Residence is situated to the southwest of the Old Town of Lijiang and enjoys the status of a splendid architectural heritage.

During the glory days of Tusi Mu, the Mufu in Lijiang covered a sprawling area of over 16 acres and consisted of almost one hundred buildings. Designed as a miniature Forbidden City, this magnificent residence suffered considerable damages during warfare in the Qing Dynasty. The present day Mu's Residence was rebuilt from 1996-1999 by the World Bank. The renovation work of this palace was carried out very prudishly with the aim to restore it with its heyday glory and splendor.

Today, Mu's Residence covers an area of about 8 acres and spans a length of 369 meters. Situated against the backdrop of Shizi Mountain (Lion Mountain), it faces east in the direction of sunrise. There are two distinctly marked areas in this kingly residence: the office area and the living area. Pristine white marble balustrades surround this palace and three wood steles written with 'chengxinbaoguo' (meaning 'devoted to the country') by three Ming Emperors adorn the main hall.

The architectural style of Mufu, Lijiang reflects the construction and designing techniques of the central plains of China that gained prominence during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The decorative work in Mu's mansion including the intricate carvings and elaborate paintings of buildings, are similar in style to those in the palace of Ming. The decorations in Mufu have been purposely kept simple but sublime to reflect the stateliness of the ruler.

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