Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
The much famed mountain is situated some 15 km. north of Lijiang County, located in the southern section of the Hengduan (transversely faulted) Mountain ranges. With thirteen peaks resembling jade pillars holding the sky, it stands majestically on the east side of the Jinshajiang River. The main peak, Mount Fan (Shanzifeng), is 5,596 m. above sea level, and is annually snowcapped. The summit's semblance to a crystalline jade dragon gives the mountain its name. Access to the top of the mountain is provided by a cableway from the foot of the mountain to Yunshanping (Dragon Spruce Meadow). The peak was first climbed in 1963 by a research team from Beijing. A chairlift has recently opened which brings you about halfway up, 4,506 m. above sea level.

Jade Dargon Snow Mountain
The mountain extends 35 km. from south to north. Owing to the widely different altitudes of the mountain parts, a climate of a three-dimensional nature is conspicuous and may be attributed to the modern oceanic glacial period. Cash timber, medicinal herbs and various flowers are distributed in accordance with different climates resulting from different altitudes. The mountain is a well-known habitat of azaleas and rhododendrons. If you are a botanist or a biologist, this is the land where specimens of endangered animals and plants exist in large quantities.

The Jade Snow Mountain owns the gorgeous "Twelve Scenes" such as the "Fog in March" and the "Cloud Belt in June". The main peak Shanzi Feng (Mount Fan), and Xianji Yan, Wohu Ping, Luxue Dongtian, Yunshan Ping, etc. are among the places opened up for sightseeing. The broad pasture on the mountainsides (Dragon Spruce Meadow) is truly a "God-made snow mountain garden" carpeted with thousands of colorful flowers and green grasses. The Jade Snow Mountain range is a nice vacationing spot with great potential for snow sightseeing, mountaineering, explorations and scientific investigation.

Admission Fee: CNY 80 for the entrance charge
                              CNY 40 for the Protection Fare of the Old Town