Dining in Lijiang

Local Restaurant
Most of local and Regional Restaurants and Cafes are available along Jishan Lane, Mishi Lane and the Sifang Street marketplace in Dayan old town.

Lijiang delicacies are characterized by refreshing tasting dishes and mellow soups. The biggest restaurant in the old town, the Gucheng Restaurant serves up authentic Lijiang cuisine and the Qinyun Naxi Specialty Restaurant is the best place to sample authentic Naxi specialties such as Naxi fried rice. There are some recommended Snacks and well-known restaurants as the following:

No.1 Sifangjie Street, Great Stone Bridge Snack (Dashiqiao Xiaochi)

Ash Tree Flowers Cold Dish

It is a Dai Minority style dish. The soup is sour, but not the sour flavor of vinegar, but the sour flavor of the plant. Adding a little spice, the ash tree flowers taste cool.
Dried Pork Liver

Pork livers are blown and dried. It is also a cold dish. But nowadays fresh pork livers are more popular.

Great Stone Bridge Snack: Soybean Noodles
It is not a kind of noodle made of soybeans. The fact is, crispy, fragrant fried soybeans are added to the smooth noodles. The ingredients also include shallots, spice, oil and vinegar. The soup is both spicy and sour, stimulating your desire of eating.

Lijiang Baba
The main material of this food is wheat flour and oil. It is a stodgy deep-fried flour patty stuffed with meat or vegetables. There are two types: salty and sweet, but both round in shape. Not only in new city but also in the Old Down this Baba is on sale in every snack bar.

Shanchuan Ham
It's produced in Shanchuan Basin of Yongshen County. There, because of special cooking skills, materials and weather, ham can be kept well for several years.

Tuotuo Pork
It is pieces of big pig's meat. While eating, just hold one piece in hand without any utensils. This Tuotuo pork is the favorite of Yi people.

Su Lima
It is a sweet and sour soft drink of low alcohol. It is light yellow and very nutritious. In Lijiang only Muosuo and Pumi people make it and call it Su Lima, which now is so popular for every one in Lijiang Prefecture.

Chicken-Pen Jelly
It has a distinct gray-color, but it's quite delicious and a very popular food in Lijiang area.

Mama Fu's Restaurant
Add: #76 Mishi Lane, Xinyi St. Lijiang
Being the first western restaurant in Lijiang, it features the cuisine with the ingredients of rare Chinese herbs.

Naxi Cuisine Culture Center
Add: M. Fuhui Rd. Lijiang
This is the only restaurant in Lijiang providing dinning and dance & music performance together. It offers authentic Naxi dishes.

Huahua Shen Restaurant
Add: Fuhui Rd. Dayan town, Lijiang
Being one of the most famous restaurants in Lijiang, it features Naxi cuisine.
Big Stone Bridge Restaurant
Add: on Xin Dajie, next to Xinhua Bookstore
Locals flock here for the hotpot and rice noodle soup.

Yuyuan Restaurant
Add: Fuhui Rd. Lijiang
It specializes in Sichuan and Cantonese cuisine.
Xinju Restaurant
Add: Yuhe Village. Lijiang
It offers the authentic Bai dishes.

Blue Page Vegetarian Restaurant
Add: #69 Mishi Xiang down the street from First Bend Inn, toward Market Square
It is a vegetarian restaurant with friendly, English-speaking staff and Internet access. It provides both western and Chinese dishes. Try the Chinese vegetable burger or the cheese burrito.

Haji Beef Restaurant
Add: Shangri-La Road, Lijiang
With the history more than 80 years, it boasts the most distinct Moslem restaurant in Lijiang.
Naxi Pavilion
Add: Sifang St., Dayan town, Lijiang
It provides both Naxi dishes and western food.

Xuelou Restaurant
Add: #50 Jishan Lane, Xinyi St., Dayan town, Lijiang
It boasts one of the best western restaurants in Lijiang.
Well bistro
Add: Sifang Street (Square Street), Dayan town, Lijiang
It provides pasta, apple cake and chocolate brownies.

Sakura Cafe
Add: Minzhu Rd. Market Square, Lijiang
Run by an amiable Lijiang resident and his Korean wife, it provides great Korean food, apple pie, and Naxi food.