Climate and Travel Seasons of Lijiang

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
Situated in a region of low latitudes, the area is under the influence of the South Asian monsoons and the average annual temperature is a steady 12.6 °C (55F), so you can visit Lijiang whenever as you like without fear of extreme weather conditions. Lijiang experiences China's famous "four seasons within one day".

Its high elevation, uneven topography from south to north, and the mountains of this region give Lijiang three different climatic zones, ranging from subtropical in the southeast, to warm temperatures in the center, and colder temperatures in the northwest. However, considering the fairly wide variation in day-and-night temperature in spring and winter, summer and autumn are the most favorable seasons for visiting Lijiang. Except for summer, when T-shirts and trousers are enough, it's advisable to take some warm clothes in the other three seasons.